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The reason you buy leads is to make money. 

By November 17, 2022Information

The reason you buy leads is to make money. 

It might be that you’re buying leads because things are slow, the markets changed, you’re a new advisor, your business is built on leads or… a million other reasons.

Whatever the reason for buying leads, the outcome you (and we) want is the same. To make money.

Not every lead will convert

Anybody that sells you leads with a promise of converting every lead is lying. You won’t even speak to every lead you buy, yet you’ll still be charged.

Lots of clients think that isn’t fair but it isn’t about every individual lead. It’s about how much money you make compared to what you spend. If that’s always a positive amount, then the leads work and you’re making money.

Buying leads and not converting anything is a painful experience. Worse still is not speaking to anyone or having the chance to even pitch your services.

But you still don’t need to convert every lead to make money…

Bigger Picture

Let’s take life insurance as an example. A lead will cost say £40. Conversions to sale will be around 15% with an average commission of £600 .

That means every 10 leads will generate 1.5 sales, will cost £400 and will return £900.

Giving an overall profit of £500.

If you break down every lead and get caught up on how many don’t answer, how many aren’t interested and so on, you’ll miss out on the bigger picture. You have the ability to turn £400 into £900.

How many industry’s work with that level of return?

Why do our leads convert?

Our ads are designed to get customers engaged and on the phone. Clear wording means they’re expecting your call straight away, not shopping online for a quote.

We concentrate on high contact rates, low rejection rates and ultimately a solid ROI for you. The more people you speak to, the more quality conversations you have, the better your sales figures will be.

If you’re fed up of buying leads that don’t pick up, aren’t interested and don’t convert then its time to speak to us

To chat about everything else we do to improve lead quality or if you have any questions then please get in touch about the market that you work in here;


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Remember, If our leads didn’t convert, working like we do, we wouldn’t be in business as we don’t charge upfront. View article