Paid Social Media Marketing

 Paid Social?

The algorithms have changed…no longer are you able to reach your audience via your social platforms in the ‘traditional way’. Acquiring new customers has become harder, with less engagement on your posts, less and less people are able to discover your business.   

There’s been  a real shift in the way social works in recent years, but with that shift there is opportunity. 

Social media advertising is really growing at the moment, with developments in the advertising platforms on many social platforms making huge strides in improving their offering. Facebook are perhaps the biggest of the social giants who have taken the lead, with opportunities to reach your customers on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger all from the comfort of the same platform. Looking for B2B leads? LinkedIn has a solution. Customers  hang out on twitter… well. Need to target 18-25 year olds, Snapchat has you covered. 

Luckily this can still provide better value than search engine ads. With greater control on who you are speaking to, there is endless opportunity to scale your advertising to prospective customers via paid social channels.

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