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No Upfront Costs for our leads

By November 12, 2022November 17th, 2022Information

No Upfront Costs for our leads


Have you ever bought leads, paid for them and the suppliers have disappeared? Or they’ve sent you a load of wrong numbers, people that don’t answer or just aren’t interested at all?

This is a common occurrence in leadgen and is the reason most brokers are so wary of paying for leads anymore

The obvious solution is to work on a “back end deal” where the lead introducer is paid a commission split when a sale is made from any leads they provide

The issue? It’s not just leadgen companies that rip people off

We’ve been doing this for 20 years and back end deals just don’t work. Invariably the client will lie about sales, contact rates, commissions earned.

It also put’s all risk with the leadgen company. We have to pay for the lead to be generated. If we charge £35, the lead will almost certainly cost £30 to generate.

What’s the solution?

Neither party wants to take all of the risk but both appreciate there’s a set of costs involved in generating the lead and another set of costs involved in working the leads and generating sales from them.

Our solution is to charge after you’ve received the leads but still charge a fee per lead. That way our costs are covered but you’re only paying once the leads are delivered. It’s solves the biggest problems for both sides (non payment or non delivery) and shows that we trust what we do

How does that work exactly?

We don’t charge upfront for the leads. Instead, you tell us how many leads you want… lets say 50 this week. We send you your order (all 50 leads) and you report back to us the following week.

Let’s say 45 leads were fine but there were 4 wrong numbers and an obvious hoax lead, someone has typed in Mr Mickey Mouse. That’s 45 payable leads that we’ll invoice for.

No more arguing about rejections. No more risking your money on companies that don’t deliver.

What is a valid, payable lead?

All leads we send are valid unless 1 of 3 things happens;

A dead number / the number doesn’t work

A wrong number (i.e. Mr Smith on the lead but the number is for Mrs Jones)

An obvious hoax (i.e. Mr Donald Duck)

That means you will pay for leads that don’t answer, aren’t interested and don’t convert. That’s how lead generation works. We can’t guarantee every lead will convert.  If we could, we’d do the back end deal because it’s a dead cert

What really counts is the conversion and whether it makes you a profit. Depending on the market you’re in, conversion rates will be higher or lower. For example, Equity release leads will convert around 10% to sale. Life Insurance around 16% and Health insurance around 7%.

The important point is that those conversion rates will make you a return on your investment, even after paying for the other leads that don’t convert.

The best way to think about the leads is in blocks of 10. How much will 10 leads cost, how many sales will I make, how much profit will that make me. The repeat. Getting bogged down with the outcome of every individual lead takes away from the bigger picture… we’re here to make money.

We’d do everything we can to ensure your conversions are as high as possible because the more sales you make, the more leads you’ll be coming back and buying.

To chat about everything else we do to improve lead quality or if you have any questions then please get in touch about the market that you work in here;


Equity Release

Life Insurance

Health Insurance


Solar installation

Remember, If our leads didn’t convert, working like we do, we wouldn’t be in business as nobody would ever pay us!