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Going the extra mile

By November 17, 2022Information, Uncategorized

Going the extra mile

We go the extra mile when we send you a lead

Lead generation isn’t just generating a lead and letting the client deal with it. Long term relationships only work if both of us make money

The biggest single area we aim to improve is contact rate. Getting the customer off of their phone or computer online and onto the phone with you

Why doesn’t every customer answer the phone?

They’ve seen our email advert, liked it, clicked on it, come to our website and filled in their details. After all of that, they don’t pick up the phone… why?

There’s lots of reasons from the most negative; the customer isn’t that bothered and just liked our adverts and we made it easy for them to click through the forms… Right through to the more likely; They’re at work, driving, with the kids, on the train etc and can’t talk

There’s also our modern culture. Just because they don’t answer there and then, doesn’t mean they’re not interested. But there’s a huge difference in clicking on something online, to committing to a phone call from a company you don’t know yet. Most young adults don’t talk on the phone, they text, email, whatsapp, speak on social platforms… getting them on the phone is the biggest difficulty of lead generation today

What do we do to solve that problem?

We’ve looked at our delivery process and how we can help you close more deals. There’s 2 key areas we can help with;

1. We text and email the customer to tell them you’ll be calling. The text includes the number you’ll call from and the email is branded with your details. It goes out instantly to the customer the second we send you the lead.

By sending the customer a text and email with your details, we’re reinforcing you’ll be calling straight away and giving them warning its you that’s calling.

They haven’t got to worry its someone they don’t want to speak to and are far more likely to pick up the phone

2. For those clients without a call center style set up or without a telephone dialler in place, We send a copy of all your leads to a google spreadsheet automatically that only you have access to

The Google sheet allows you to record feedback on the leads as you go and keep them all in one place. You can track call backs, identify wrong numbers and keep us up to date, without having to mess around with reports.

It will save you a huge amount of admin time and allow you to track call backs and notes, focusing on speaking to customers.

We’re committed to long term relationships by delivering the best processes for our clients. The more success you have, the better for us.

To chat about everything else we do to improve lead quality or if you have any questions then please get in touch about the market that you work in here;


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Life Insurance

Health Insurance


Solar installation

Remember, If our leads didn’t convert, working like we do, we wouldn’t be in business as nobody would ever pay us!